Workshop Testimonials

“Thanks to your Active Birth Workshop and Yoga classes I coped really well with just gas and air and water! John was absolutely amazing with massage and breathing techniques, so thank you so much for teaching us how to have such a positive birth!”


“It was a good reminder of what is to come and, despite having been through it 3 times before, it was useful to remind me of my role during the birth and to give some techniques I can use to support my wife through the birth. I had feared that the workshop would be a bit on the “hippy” side and I cant say I was looking forward to it, but it was very helpful, practical, not at all on the hippy side, and certainly worthwhile.”


“The Workshop for couples was great, especially for my husband. He felt more confident afterwards and it was great to meet other dads. Also good for him to see what I’ve been up to every Monday evening at Yoga! I loved the positions and learning about the stages of labour, and there were lots of opportunities to ask questions”


“Labour was at least 24 hours, but thanks to your amazing classes and workshop, I managed to go all the way through drug free! With the help of some very loud ‘o’ sounds, squatting and the birthing pool! And I think staying calm through yoga breathing helped to keep him from getting distressed, his blood pressure remained the same throughout!
In the end after 2 hours of pushing I had to get on the bed with stirrups but just because he was back to back and he needed a little help getting out!
Thank you from Vicki, Loz and”


“I really enjoyed the workshop and as a result am now keen to have an ‘Active Birth’!”


” Very interesting to learn about the shape of the pelvis and how it is so well designed for birth, also how different positions using gravity can impact labour. The workshop was a great environment for the men! not intimitdating!”


“Very educational and helpful in working out a birthing plan. It was really good to learn about birth techniques together. Thank you very much!”


“I found the workshop informal and friendly. It was great to meet other dads-to-be. I found the birthing positions very interesting. We were given a chance to socialise at the end which was brilliant”