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Laura and Catherine

“Catherine Dorothy arrived safely at lunchtime today. Had fantastic birth, no drugs until stitches, lots of yoga in early labour and breathed her out on all fours in birth pool. Delivered still in her sack, lots of skin to skin and delayed clamping, we are over the moon, thanks again for all the help and advice, hope to see you at post natal yoga in new year, until then have a great Christmas x”


Lucy and Beatrice Honey

“Hi Nikki, my little baby finally arrived on 8/12/17. A little girl called Beatrice Honey weighing 8lb 7oz. 10.5hr labour. I managed 5cms at home with just my ball, candles, breathing techniques. And on all fours. The golden thread breath was my go to. I had a normal delivery, used the birthing pool but had to leave the pool as it was slowing me down

I am totally amazed at what my body achieved and so much of your yoga classes helped me to achieve a labour that was right for me and my baby.

Have a fabulous Christmas 🎄Love Lucy x”


Neene’s Story – an Active Birth



Just to let you know that after a 36 hour very active labour we welcomed baby Joshua into the world! He weighs 7lb 11.

Thanks to your Active Birth Workshop and Yoga classes I coped really well with just gas and air and water!

John was absolutely amazing with massage and breathing techniques, so thank you so much for teaching us how to have such a positive birth!

I also have to say that I was lucky enough to have the brand new water birth suite (The Mulberry Suite) at Frimley Park Hospital which is truly amazing, it was like walking into a spa, it even has mood lighting! The midwives were fantastic too, so although it was long, it was a great experience and I feel very proud!

Thanks again!
Loads if love


Frimley Park Hospital

Frimley Park Hospital









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