Private Baby Massage

Private Baby Massage

1 hr private one-to-one baby massage tuition in your home £35 (includes oil) subsequent sessions £30

Group party Baby Massage – approx 1 hour

If you have 3 or more friends and would like a private group baby massage ‘party’ in your home, the cost is £12 per person (includes oil)

note that usually only one body part is covered during a 1 hour session, plus some post-natal work for mums (pelvic floor). e.g. I can come and teach you tummy massage and ‘colic routine’ for babies and then a short pelvic floor exercise plus relaxation during the hours class.

Private Baby Massage 4 week Course

If you would like to arrange a private 4 week course for you and a group of NCT or other friends, please contact me. I can arrange to come to your home to deliver the course to you all. Usually a group of 6 minimum is acceptable for a 4 week course. Oil and handouts are provided. I will travel up to 30 mins from Farnham.