Becky’s Story

Hi Nikki, I just wanted to let you know that my baby arrived on Friday surprising us all! And it’s a boy!

Toby Evan joined the world at 1559 weighing 7lb 9oz after a quick labour of about 6 hours.

I went to hospital after discovering a bleed for them to tell me I was 9cm dilated and I had only had some mild niggles!

Contractions soon got stronger and more regular so I used the golden ribbon breath to get me through them whilst walking around, cuddling my hubby or leaning over a chair.

The midwife asked me if I’d been going to yoga as I was so calm. She didn’t offer pain relief because I was so far along already and I didn’t feel the need to ask so I’m very proud of my body for getting me through without it.

I honestly believe Yoga played a huge part in my relaxed experience, both mentally and physically so thank you forever for your help with that!

Feel free to share with the other girls as I hope they’ll be encouraged. What a crazy few days it’s been but joining the Mummy club is incredible so far. I’m totally in love with my perfect little man.

Thank you again, look forward to seeing you at a reunion. Lots of love, Rebecca x

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