Baby Massage FAQ

From what age can babies attend?

From birth to around 6 mths or crawling. Some mums and babies like to repeat the course a few times, or just attend for 5 weeks. Totally up to you!

What if my baby is unsettled/sleeping/feeding during the class?

The classes are ‘baby led’ so if your baby needs comforting, feeding, or is in a deep sleep – please follow babies cues. It is not recommended to wake a baby from deep sleep, so whilst baby naps you can practice on a ‘practice doll’.

What if my baby has just had an immunisation?

It is not recommended to practice on a baby within 24-48 hours of having immunisations. Again, you are welcome to attend and practice massage on a practice doll.

What should i dress my baby in for the sessions?

Please dress baby in easy access clothing such as a baby gro with poppers

What should i bring with me?

A thin foldable change pad, a towel, and a blanket. Also please bring a spare nappy & nappy bags for disposal

What type of oil is used for the massage?

I only use Cold Pressed Organic Sunflower oil as this is easily absorbed by babys skin, is naturally anti-bacterial and contains vitamins. This oil has been found to be agreeable to babies with very rare chance of a reaction.