“I loved the pregnancy yoga classes. Nikki makes the class interesting and educational and it is a fantastic way of exercising gently. I found I learnt so much whilst attending the classes, when I went to NCT I already knew quite a lot. It is also a fantastic way of meeting other soon to be mothers and build a natural support group. I can’t recommend these classes enough. Juggling work, pregnancy and other day to day commitments can be stressful, this is a wonderful way of connecting with your baby, relaxing and distressing.  Nikki is fantastic and I’d recommend these classes to anyone. Rosie”

“Nikki’s yoga classes were great, I’d come from a stressful office into her class each week and would feel instantly relaxed which was a godsend through pregnancy. I had my daughter in the water with only gas & air for pain relief and I’m convinced the breathing techniques, positions, active birthing advice and positive thinking were responsible for this. They kept me focused and calm throughout. Thank you Nikki!! Looking forward to starting the post-natal classes!xx” Tash

“Thank you Nikki, I had an incredible birth with my daughter recently without any pain relief or intervention. In one yoga class you showed us how to breath while plugging ears, I did this with every contraction, worked so well! Thanks so much  x” Lindsey

“The pregnancy yoga classes are a must for all pregnant women. I started these classes with Nikki at 18 weeks and continued until just before giving birth to my precious boy. The classes are very relaxing, you meet lots of people to share experiences and Nikki provides such valuable information which I would not have known unless attending these classes. Nikki is also very approachable and helps where ever she can. Labour would not have been bearable without using the breathing techniques that she trained us.” Laura

“I really, really found your classes so useful and they gave me the confidence again to go for the natural birth. Even though this was my third time round I always had in the back of my mind that I could not possibly be lucky enough to have a straight forward birth three times in a row, but I was, and I really think that having the back up of the yoga breaths and positions behind me really helped. I didn’t even request the gas and air this time round as I wanted to concentrate on the breathing. I would recommend this class to anyone” Kate

“I look forward to class every week, it was my first chance to meet other mums-to-be and share my experiences of being pregnant. Full of loads of useful positions/techniques to use throughout pregnancy. Nikki is a brilliant teacher!” Amy

“The yoga classes have been informal, relaxed and very enjoyable. Really useful techniques, positions and breathing exercises covered each week. Also a very knowledgable and friendly teacher. I would highly recommend to any mum-to-be!”

“Thanks again for the great classes I really got a great deal out of them and will be recommending them to all my pregnant friends!” Claire

“I would highly recommend this class to anyone. Great teacher and very knowledgable, I have found the yoga to be enjoyable and insightful”

“I wanted to thank you for great sessions so far, especially all the invaluable advice on pregnancy and giving birth. I’ve found all our group chats really helpful.” Lisa

“The relaxation at the end and the herbal teas and biccies are a lovely touch and creates a really nice opportunity to chat. The teacher is very nice and knowledgeable. Think the classes are great, and right for the pregnant lady”

“Hi Nikki, I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you and to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the class today. I found the breathing and pelvic floor exercises so helpful and feel much more positive about everything” Kim