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Krissy’s Story – a calm and positive caesarean birth

Our baby boy is here! Arrived 3.30pm on Monday by c section in the end.

After successfully turning him so he was head down, they tried to break my waters but couldn’t as they were still too high so were going to go down the pesary route instead. However, his head then bobbed back to being transverse! All the extra fluid from the polyhydramnios┬ámeant they couldn’t get his head to safely settle downwards to start induction and a section became safest route.

It was all quite calm and planned. I was allowed your lovely smelling oil on my hanky, your wonderful Devi Prayer music playing to relax me and I did plenty of Ujjayi breaths to get me through the rather different, medical experience of a c section birth compared to my last two! The staff were great, did delayed cord clamping and let me have lots of skin to skin time straight away – rather than doing all the weighing, vitamin k etc in the theatre they did it in the recovery room much later which was so fabulous. They put the monitoring probes on my back instead of chest which made it easier. Definitely shows it’s worth asking for these things.

So he’s here and safe, weighed 8.15oz and is still awaiting a name!

Thanks so much for all your tips the last few weeks. I’m due to leave today after 13 days in, (phew!) and can’t wait! Not quite the homebirth we hoped for but these things can’t be planned as we know! It’s definitely made me realise how lucky I was to have such normal natural pregnancy and birthing experiences with my previous two!

Thanks also for the wonderful classes, the breathing helped so very much and the oil and music too.

Big hugs to you and your family Nikki

Loads of love and thanks



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