Stuffed Marrow

This is a something my Mum used to make – although this recipe below has been ‘made up’ by me, with whatever I had in the cupboard and the fridge – very tasty all the same.

You can stuff a Marrow with anything really – so long as you add a nice strong cheese of some sort and other things that provide some flavour, as Marrow is very bland on it’s own.


Heat Oven to 180 degrees C fan forced

You will need a large baking tray and some foil



1 x Marrow

Can of Green Lentils (or other pulse/bean of your choice)

1 large or 2 x small Jar/s of Lloyd Grossman Tomato & Basil Sauce (you could use a basic tomato passata or tinned tomatoes, but i think you would need to add herbs, garlic, and some cooked onion to it, so it tastes good)

1 pack of Feta cheese

2 x small sweet potatoes

Handful of grated Parmesan cheese (or strong cheddar)



Chop the sweet potatoes so that they are small (mine were cut length ways into fingers and then chopped so that they were like little triangles), steam or boil until almost cooked through.

Cut marrow in half lengthways and scrape out the soft part in the centre with a spoon

Tip your sauce into the centre of each marrow half saving a bit for around the edges of the tray

Rinse your lentils or other pulse/beans under water and drain…sprinkle your lentils into the centre of your marrow

Arrange your cooked sweet potatoes in amongst the lentils and sauce

Chop the Feta into cubes and dot this about the contents of the marrow too

Any left-over lentils, sauce, sweet potatoes can be arranged around the marrow

Sprinkle over your Parmesan or Cheddar.


Cook in the Oven uncovered for approx 30 mins until the cheese is nice and brown and the feta is a bit scorched (keep an eye on it, and if it’s browning too quickly then pop the foil on!), then take the tray out and if the marrow still seems firm (test it with a knife) then cover the whole dish with foil and pop back in the oven for another 20 mins or until the marrow is tender.

Serve on it’s own or with Quinoa or Rice

Eat and enjoy!






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