Sarah & Aspen

sarahsbabyYou probably guessed that my little one had arrived… it’s been a whirlwind of happiness & tiredness where time seems to vanish!

Aspen Arthur was born on the 26th April, weighing in @ 8lb 10oz… ┬áHe was a speedy arrival, had my first contraction during dinner at 6:30pm, and sped off to hospital shortly after, he arrived at 8:26pm… I delivered with gas & air and was being monitored through out, although i was wired up I was lucky enough to be able to be on the floor in a sort of sumo wrestling position with my partner… kneeling up leaning on him… It happened so quickly that unfortunately my mind went blank with anything I had learned but my body seemed to do it all naturally…

Since having him I’ve been determined not to suffer with insomnia again so I have been using the breathing techniques to help me to get to sleep, along with a lavender bath and lavender drops on my pillow it has really helped…
Hoping to make it along to a baby massage course soon!
Thank you for your fountain of knowledge! I really enjoyed the yoga, really helped me through a trickier/different pregnancy… x x


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