Private Birth Preparation, Antenatal sessions, and Birth Skills Workshops for you and your birth partner all in the comfort of your own home.

Why choose a Private Workshop?NikkiPelvisOuttake

I will demonstrate how to best utilise your home space during labour.

We can decide on which rooms might be used, and how your furniture and surroundings can help you achieve various positions for labouring/birthing.

We will practice Active Birthing positions and techniques that are ‘hands on’ such as positions, massage, breathing….

You and your partner will feel empowered to use these numerous tools during your time at home and/or at Hospital or during your Homebirth.

These sessions are flexible with dates and times to suit you

Allows you to discuss all aspects of labour and birth in a comfortable home environment

Can be tailored to your specific needs…..see more below


‘Full Birth Preparation & Active Birth Skills’:

3 hour Workshop

Up to 3 hours tuition at your home. We can discuss your birth plan in detail and debrief your previous birth/s.

A wonderful complement to NCT/NHS classes, or as an alternative to these courses.

Topics covered (can be tailored to your needs):

The Benefits of Active Birth
The Pelvis and how it’s designed for birth
The Uterus and how it works
Understanding each phase of labour, the birth process and the hormones involved
The birth environment – creating the optimal space to birth
Breathing awareness and how to stay calm and relaxed
Active Birth movements & Positions – how to involve your partner
Visualisations and Affirmations (similar to those used in Hypnobirthing)
Massage techniques and pressure points for labour
Exploring natural pain management options, including the use of water and other natural therapies
Natural ways to get labour going if it slows down
The third stage of labour – delivery of the placenta, delayed cord clamping benefits
Welcoming your baby, the first hour and bonding

I will provide relevant handouts for you to keep and you will receive The Janet Balaskas Active Birth Handbook as a part of this workshop.

Price for this workshop: £150 plus petrol (available on Weekends, some daytimes during the week)


‘Active Birth Skills’ workshop for First time parents:

1.5 to 2 hours Workshop

Perfect if you have already completed NCT/NHS classes, but would like to add to your knowledge with Active Birth Skills. This 1.5 to 2 hr workshop, includes Active Birth techniques such as: Positions, Massage, Breathing, Pressure points for labour and more, plus a brief overview of the birth process to refresh your memory. We can also discuss your birth plan/preferences in detail.

Price for this workshop: £95 plus petrol (available on Weekends, some daytimes during the week)


‘EXPRESS’ Refresher Workshop for 2nd/3rd time parents:

1.5 to 2 hours Workshop

Having a baby 2nd or 3rd time around means there can be less time to attend classes and workshops in preparation for the next arrival! This option is great if you would like to have a focused 1.5 to 2 hours devoted to talking through the ‘essentials’ – such as a birth plan/preferences, active birth techniques – positions and breathing awareness, or anything else you feel you need a ‘refresher’ on. This workshop is held in your own home and your other children can be present if you wish. (Please also see my ‘Active Birth Skills Workshop for couples’ which is a group class option) We can also debrief your previous birth/s.

note: if you have other friends that are pregnant and would like a ‘refresher’ too, we can arrange a small group workshop at the same time

Price for this workshop: £95 plus petrol (available on weekends, some daytimes during the week)


Private Birth Preparation, Active Birth Skills and Antenatal Support

6 Hours Total

100% Bespoke. Perfect if you require a detailed approach to your Birth Preparation.

We can include everything from discussing your Birth Preferences and how to prepare a Birth Plan, to skills for managing Labour, Active Birth skills for you and your partner, Physiology, Breastfeeding/Bottle feeding and the first few weeks with your new baby.

Choose how you would like these sessions split:

2 morning/afternoon sessions (2 x 3 hour sessions, on weekends or during the week)

3 morning/afternoon sessions (3 x 2 hour sessions, on weekends or during the week)

3 evening sessions of your choice (3 x 2 hour sessions from 8pm to 10pm, Tuesday/Thursday/Friday evenings only)

Price: £300 includes various relevant handouts, information and phone/email/text support up until your birth. Plus you will receive The Janet Balaskas Active Birth Handbook as a part of this package.

Please contact Nikola to work out dates and times before booking 07512 691925