Natanya’s Story

Baby Zac Dobson was born on Saturday night 18 October at 22h44 after a two stage labour.babyzac

I was induced on Friday evening as my amniotic fluid was low and there was concern the placenta was breaking down. Around midnight, I had mild contractions – after rubbing some clary sage oil on my belly, i jumped on the ball, put some african lounge music on my iPhone and started doing some yoga exercises and breathing techniques.
It was all very zen and beautiful.

Saturday morning the contractions stopped!! I found this very frustrating and was told to wait out the induction process as most women with first time babies take 3 days at least.
My waters broke at 3.15pm and mild contractions started approx 40mins later. Although my contractions appeared more intense, an examination revealed I was only 1cm dilated. My husband was sent home at 9.15pm and we were both told to get some rest as we had a long night ahead of us.

No sooner had Shaun left when my contractions ramped up to another level and one we weren’t expecting. By 10pm an internal revealed I was in transition… And My husband arrived at the birth of his son with moments to spare.

I spent a few days in hospital and we are now home nesting with our gorgeous child.

I am going to miss Monday night yoga!! Thank you for providing a safe and warm environment for other women to nurture their growing bellies whilst preparing for the arrival of the greatest gift of all, motherhood!! You have also enabled a lovely group of women to form close ties and in particular the start of a great friendship between dear Caroline and myself – we were due a week apart and gave birth 24hrs apart and were in hospital together. Our husbands are becoming good friends too :))

Please let me know if you fancy a cuddle sometime – I am very proud to show of my baby boy and his chilled nature

Lots of love


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