Lucie & Riley

Hi Nikkiriley2

I hope u had a lovely Christmas. Lee and I managed to squeeze xmas in before Riley arrived. First of all I would like to say thank you for the fantastic yoga classes they were brilliant and I loved them, and so did baby Mac when he was still in my tummy. I have been recommending your classes to other mummies to be.

Originally Riley was due on the 30.12. We were supposed to induced on the 29th but he arrived on the 28th 🙂

The labour was a bit of a drama as everything happened so fast. I was having some contractions in the early hours of the 27th, so Lee and I phoned the labour ward around 10am to see if they wanted us in because of my high blood pressure that I developed during pregnancy. I could not feel the baby move as my tummy kept on staying hard.

After 30 mins of monitoring things seemed ok so Lee went to get me some food, as soon as he left the room the baby’s heart rate started to go crazy so the midwife pushed the emergency button and before I knew it, the room was full of MWs and Drs…. taking my blood and braking my water. I was told that the baby is struggling and that they need to get me ready for emergency C section. It was horrible, they would not let Lee back into the room and I was terrified.

Luckily the waters were clear so the Dr suggested giving baby 10mins to recover his heart rate before c section. As soon as Lee got back, his heart rate calmed down again, so we were moved to a labour ward. Both baby and I had to be monitored at all times but they did what that could to keep me active and walking. Because of my high blood pressure my labour was progressing quite fast. I managed to get to 5cm with just the tens machine and gas and air. I used the Golden Ribbon breath, and that worked well, and also I played the song from your class over and over again! I think it drove everyone mad! hehehe but it really helped me. I kept laughing from the gas and air very loud, and even the midwife was laughing hysterically 🙂

I had to ask for an epidural in the end. I’m glad I did because Riley’s heart rate kept playing up every so often, so the Dr would rush in and they would contemplate a C section. When it came to the pushing part I wanted to be seated – and again they tried to accommodate my wishes but Riley kept struggling, the only position he was happy in was on my left side, but his heart rate kept dropping lower and lower (later found that this was due to a short umbilical cord) so we went to theatre where we had an assisted delivery, I had a full spinal block just in case they had to do an emergency c section.

I think it took only 3 contractions for Riley to make an appearance. I was so worried…..but he arrived safely on the 28.12. at 00.40 weighing 7 pounds 4 oz, total labour time 6 hrs 40 mins.

I’m glad all worked out well in the end and I have to say the staff at Frimley were brilliant. Acted fast, considered my wishes and my birth plan and in the best interest of our baby.
Thank you so much for everything

Lucie & Riley


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