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Laura and Catherine

“Catherine Dorothy arrived safely at lunchtime today. Had fantastic birth, no drugs until stitches, lots of yoga in early labour and breathed her out on all fours in birth pool. Delivered still in her sack, lots of skin to skin and delayed clamping, we are over the moon, thanks again for all the help and advice, hope to see you at post natal yoga in new year, until then have a great Christmas x”

Lucy and Beatrice Honey

“Hi Nikki, my little baby finally arrived on 8/12/17. A little girl called Beatrice Honey weighing 8lb 7oz. 10.5hr labour. I managed 5cms at home with just my ball, candles, breathing techniques. And on all fours. The golden thread breath was my go to. I had a normal delivery, used the birthing pool but had to leave the pool as it was slowing me down

I am totally amazed at what my body achieved and so much of your yoga classes helped me to achieve a labour that was right for me and my baby.

Have a fabulous Christmas 🎄Love Lucy x”

Listening to my body…..

for privacy reasons, this mummy wanted to remain anonymous, here is her birth story:

“Hi Nikki, It has been a whirlwind festive period for us, we welcomed our baby girl to the world on 24th December. It was extremely quick in the end, my waters broke at 4am, my contractions started when we left for the hospital about 5 and we just about made it down to the birth centre, four big pushes and she was with us!

A big thank you for the all we have discussed during pregnancy yoga. The focus on positioning for birthing was so helpful, I literally dropped to my knees for every surge (most of which I was in transition for, getting from car to triage at Frimley Park to birth centre!) because this felt most comfortable and I really had in my head just to let my body do what I felt like it needed to do. I also used the golden thread breath and horse lips, which was great as I didn’t really have time to get into my hypnobirthing zone because it was all so quick! My partner also did lots of massage and hip presses which were helpful. 

Importantly, all went well and we were home again early evening to leave Father Christmas his mince pie (and champagne!) and enjoy some lovely family Christmas time. We are absolutely delighted”

Sarah and Matilda

Hi Nikkibabydenyer
Just wanted to pass on our news, share my (positive) birth story and say a huge thank you for everything you taught me at pregnancy yoga – I loved the classes and they definitely helped me adapt to my changing shape and prepare for the birth.

Matilda Madlyn was born on Saturday 10.49am weighing 7.5lbs.

I started early labour on Friday morning 10am, the contractions were like period pain braxton hicks lower in my pelvis (I’d been having braxtons for 2-3 weeks) every 3-5 minutes but only lasting 30 seconds at a time. I found I could potter around the house doing things to distract myself quite happily (made a cake, prepped and ate a birthday dinner for husband including a cheeky glass of wine (!) last minute washing etc). Bouncing on the ball, massage, breathing techniques (golden ribbon), a warm shower on my lower back all really helped and the contractions stayed consistent but manageable all day. We got an early night, put tens machine on low and I felt relaxed enough to try and get some rest, I read a book and dozed lightly, confident that I was still in early latent phase.

I woke at 3.30am with a distinct change in contractions – much more intense but still manageable with bouncing, circling hips or leaning on ball, tens machine on a strong boost and the trusty golden ribbon breath (I had followed your advice and made some visualisation photo cards of a golden ribbon, waves to remind me that the contractions ebbed and flowed, and a rose from our garden that was ‘opening up’). Contractions were now 2-4 minutes apart and lasting 50 seconds. I focused during each one and found it easier to stay quiet, calm and in the zone by leaning forwards with arms across eyes so was in darkness and not talking.

Some music, Yoga & dance moves in between contractions helped loosen my pelvis and stay calm/relaxed, I was able to talk to and hug my husband. It is amazing how you can go from intense pain to almost nothing and back again so quickly – knowing each one would be over soon really helped.

We stayed at home for as long as possible and headed to hospital at 7.30am when I really felt I needed additional pain relief. Things ramped up again in the car and I got less gap between contractions so we really hurried from this point (we actually left it a bit too long at home as had 40 min drive).
On arriving at the labour ward (Royal Surrey) they examined me and I was fully dilated and ready to push – the urges had started and I was up on all fours over the back of the bed on a temporary ward, circling hips before they got me into our room!

There was just enough time for them to half fill a pool and get gas and air – I couldn’t get on either quick enough – the pool felt amazing!!
The pushing stage lasted quite a while for me (2 hours), I actually found it harder to focus the push with gas and air and was a bit too relaxed and hot in the pool, so got out and delivered on the bed.
I did tire after nearly 2 hours and although they could see the babies head I just couldn’t quite get her round the last corner to crown. So they put the suction cup on her head (which was uncomfortable but welcome as I was really flagging at this point and despite a lot of pushing ,changing positions, she just wasn’t moving the last bit) and after one pull and big push from me, she was out.
The most overwhelming feeling and completely indescribable when she was put on my chest!
We’re both doing really well and are over the moon.
Thanks for all your help and advice and books! I will be bringing Matilda to baby massage when we are ready.
Love from


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