Birth Announcements

Some excerpts from texts and emails received announcing births and things that helped during labour:

Somehow managed to stay at home for most of it, was 9cm by the time we got to the hospital so was rushed into the delivery suite straight away! Nikki – thanks for all tips in Yoga, I must’ve used every golden thread breath in me, can’t quite believe I did it without any drugs!

Monday morning at 2.47am I gave birth to a boy we called Angus, weighing a healthy 9lbs 10oz! The whole labour lasted just under 2 hours and 45 mins. The ‘Ujjayi’ breathing you showed us, helped so much at home and when I was having him. It reminded me to keep breathing and…helped with the pain. So a big thank you! I really enjoyed your classes, other pregnancy yoga I had previously done didn’t go into breathing techniques half as much, plus it was always great to catch up with everyone in the class afterwards. I did the placenta encapsulation and the smoothie and so far my energy levels are good and my milk came in quickly as well, so I’m assuming it has only benefited me.

Hello!… baby Sophie born today weighing 7lbs 2 oz. my yoga breathing meant I managed a water birth without gas and air. Thank you for all your help  x

Nikki, I used the breathing techniques to get me through the first half of labour without pain relief so thank you again for that. Also used some of the active birthing.

Back at home, with the most perfect little boy in my arms. Baby Theo was born on Sunday 18th May at 10.08am weighing 7lbs. All went well, went into labour naturally, used gas and air and tens machine, breathing techniques helped, baby needed help at end as his heart rate started slowing so they used the ventouse. Am so in love with him, and relieved everything is ok 🙂 Hollyxx

Labour was at least 24 hours, but thanks to your amazing classes I managed to go all the way through drug free! With the help of some very loud ‘o’ sounds, squatting and the birthing pool! And I think staying calm through yoga breathing helped to keep him from getting distressed, his blood pressure remained the same throughout! In the end after 2 hours of pushing I had to get on the bed with stirrups but just because he was back to back and he needed a little help getting out! Thank you from Vicki, Loz and

“Hi Nikki, Baby Evie made a quick entrance into the world this morning. I started contractions at home about 3am, rested, had a bath & came into hospital, through the Guildford traffic, was checked at antenatal & it turned out I was fully dilated, taken to labour ward & she was out in 15-20mins & a few pushes.
Yoga helped me with breathing through the pain, I never thought I’d do labour without pain relief (I just had my tens machines) & a few upright movements. Thank you so much for everything, I will miss you & the girls. Love Vicky x”