About My Workshops

Active Birth Preparation Workshops, Antenatal Education and Active Birth Skills for Labour & Birth

I offer independent birth preparation using Active Birth techniques. I am a Certified Active Birth teacher, trained by Janet Balaskas, the founder of The Active Birth Movement.

I generally offer PRIVATE WORKSHOPS to couples, however sometimes schedule group workshops if enough people are interested. See my other pages for details….

What I offer:

  • A fresh approach to birth preparation – relaxed, informative, with up to the minute information

  • Ideal to attend from 20 weeks pregnant onwards (I usually suggest 30 weeks onwards as the ideal time to do a workshop)

  • A great accompaniment to NHS, NCT, Pregnancy Yoga or other birth classes

  • An excellent refresher for parents expecting their second or subsequent baby

  • A workshop that partners will actually enjoy! (read my testimonials…)




Numerous studies in the last 50 years indicate that when birth is ‘active’ the advantages are:

  • the natural rhythm and continuity of birth are not disrupted
  • uterine contractions are stronger, more regular and frequent
  • dilation is enhanced
  • more complete relaxation is possible between contractions
  • first and second stages of labour are shorter – some studies show over 40 percent shorter in upright positions
  • there is greater comfort, less strain and pain, so decreased need for analgesia
  • the condition of the newborn is generally optimal
  • women feel that they are fully participating, in control and more often experience giving birth as a wonderful and joyous experience

“This workshop is popular and transformational and is often the key to mothers and their partners becoming confident and relaxed, so that they are able to achieve a natural active birth” Janet Balaskas (to read more about Active Birth and Janet click here)